For over 160 years Lindstrom hand tools have been the choice of professional jewelry makers. Today makers of bead and jewelry creations - and all manner of artists - choose to use our pliers and cutters to realize their unique designs, to precisely bend wire and consistently execute flush cuts.

Comfort, balance and ergonomics are important to Lindstrom users. Our products are an extension of their hands, the means to bring their imagination to fruition, a tool they rely on.

Trust is crucial. Artistic creations often use expensive materials, and there is little tolerance for waste. So exacting users demand a flush cut that is truly flush, a joint that keeps the jaws perfectly aligned, and an edge that stays sharp.

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See an assortment of Lindstrom tools for Bead & Jewelry Arts

7890 (top) and 7892 pliers are favored by many bead & jewelry artists.

RX7890 pliers allow precise bends, feature the ultimate ergonomic grips.

8141 cutters provide Flush cuts on beading wire and precious metals.
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