Lindstrom is the cutter of choice for manufacturers of medical devices – both for trimming materials used in devices and assembling high-tech miniature electronics. For over thirty years, Lindstrom cutters have been used to manufacture pacemakers, stents, catheters, guide wires and more.


Many Lindstrom technological improvements are driven by our customers and their demand for reliable, precise and versatile tools. Lindstrom has led the way in producing hand tools to execute the kind of cuts that manufacturers specify for a wide range of materials including platinum, nitinol, stainless steel, titanium, and some proprietary meshes and weaves.


Our specially engineered PS, PSF and PSP type cutters are a cost-effective alternative to expensive and brittle cutters made of carbide or exotic alloys. Most Lindstrom cutters can also be reconditioned for a modest fee, further reducing the cost of ownership.

See an assortment of Lindstrom tools for Medical Device Manufacturing.

8154PSP cutter used to cut double coil nitinol wire and other hard wire.

TL 15AGW-ET tweezers are used to cut proprietary small coil wire.

8160PS cutter used to cut catheter wire in high volume application.
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